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This video is an extract of the first AZura Productions ‘Perishables’ series. It explores and discusses the techniques and challenges with the transportation of perishables in the air freight industry.

‘Perishables’ introduces the world-famous Alsmeer flower market, which displays 25,000 different varieties of flowers every day. Transporting these flowers across the globe, and ensuring that they are available fresh and undamaged every day, comes with a lot of logistical challenges. These challenges are discussed by senior members of Fly Us Group, Jan De Rijk Group, Hilverda De Boer and Levarht.

The video also demonstrates the need for better cooperation and transparency in the air freight supply chain, the importance of embracing fresh ideas into the industry. As Sebastiaan Scholte puts it, “The only certainty is uncertainty… change before you have to.”

Watch The Full Education Film Below

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